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The easiest $500 I ever made

Couple of weeks ago, I got a DM in one of my Slack accounts from someone you’re probably familiar with if’n you spend any amount of time on Money Twitter.

Here’s what this Slack message said:

“What’s your Paypal? We pay our referral partners $500 per close.”

I had no idea this particular service offered this.

Meaning, it was, hands-down, the easiest $500 I’ve ever made in my life.

Here’s what happened:

A young, hungry, and up-and-coming copywriter wanted to learn more about the copywriting business I run. He’s just starting his copywriting company — and I’m uniquely qualified to help him since I was in his exact shoes just a few years ago.

Anywho, during our conversation, he asked me about lead gen.

I’ve written about lead gen several times in these emails.

When I first started out, I followed a “barebones” lead gen system. It cost me nada to use this system. And while it worked—this system led to my first handful of clients—it was time-consuming.

Then, when I got a little bit smarter, I started buying lists of my ideal clients off Fiverr. This strategy also worked, but it was still too time-consuming for me. Especially as my client list grew.

I’ve always prioritized serving current clients over finding new ones. So as soon as my schedule got too packed, I would stop my lead gen efforts.

That’s why I ended up working with a lead gen agency. They handle 90% of my lead gen, so I have more time for fulfillment and selling new clients.

And I’m even in the process of creating another system, which will attract my ideal client into my world (without relying solely on cold email). As the great direct response OG Dan Kennedy says, “One is the most dangerous number in business.”

Anyway, I shared the ups-and-downs of my lead gen experience with this chap. But he took an unexpected step that fired me up…

Instead of waiting years to fully outsource his lead gen like I did, he decided to take action and sign up for the agency I recommended ASAP. And so, I got paid $500 when he signed up.

Now, don’t get this twisted:

I didn’t even know they had a referral program and I didn’t expect to get paid. I would’ve recommended said agency even if I didn’t get paid. They’ve simplified my life, grew my income, and I’m happy to recommend them to any service providers who need more leads.

And while the $500 check I got is fine and dandy, the young copywriter who took my advice and acted on it?

He’s gonna profit many times over than I will from this.

Anywho, moral of the story?

I got a few:

1. Business gets easier the longer you’re in the game. There was a point not long ago where I would’ve jumped through the roof over landing a $500 client. Now, I can spend 15 minutes of my time and get $500 in return. Pretty cool.

2. An abundance mindset helps you attract money in ways you can’t yet fathom. Sounds guru-y, yes. But it’s true.

3. If you’re looking for a lead gen agency and wanna use the same one I do, book a call here and I’ll share the deets with you.

4. I’ll send you a commission for any new client you send my way too. (I’ll pay you 50% of my first month’s invoice — in the most recent case, this would mean 4 extra figures in your pocket.)

5. Provide value first, worry about moolah second. I provided the young and hungry copywriter with advice I wish I would’ve received when I was in his shoes. I didn’t expect anything in return, and I didn’t sell him hard on this agency. (If I did, he might’ve not signed up… lesson in there.)

6. If you need help with your emails from someone who has their shyt together, which unfortunately cannot be said about most agencies, freelancers, and “creatives,” grab a time here, and let’s hop on a call to see if partnering makes sense.


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