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Slowly is the fastest way to accomplish something

“(And yes, all entrepreneurs are villains.)”

Welcome back to another installment of my diabolical daily emails.

Got my most villainous tip for you yet, cully.

Here’s what that means:

If’n you pay attention to and implement this “trick,” the power for world domination—including, but not limited to, dominating your niche, your competitors, and your haters—will be yours.


There’s one common trait between every villain:

* Thanos had an infinite amount of it

* The Joker mayhap even more so than Thanos, especially in The Dark Knight (“If you're good at something never do it for free”)

* Darth Vader harnessed it, and Emperor Palpatine had an even better handle on it

* Each villain from the new Spider–Man movie had it to a degree

And, any villain worth their salt, also had this “trait.”

Before I reveal it, lemme tell you just how powerful this is, sticking to our movie villain examples…

Avengers: Endgame became the highest grossing movie of all time (before Avatar had a couple re-releases after Endgame came out to regain its throne) because of this “trait” Thanos had.

The Joker attracted the likes of Christopher Nolan (Interstellar, Inception), one of the best directors of his era, because of this trait.

Hell, Star Wars created two new trilogies, which despite being okay (the prequels) and sucking (the sequels), made bookoo bucks at the box office, due to enormous popularity Darth Vader and Darth Sidious fostered because of this trait.

And, if you think about it in just a movie context, this “trait” is responsible for mayhap Trillions of dollars (with a big, fat T).

Which means, while it might not make you trillions or even billions, it has the power to unlock more wealth in your life than maybe any other characteristic this side of the multiverse.

What’s this trait?

Patience, my cully, patience.

Patience is one thang that all your favorite villains and entrepreneurs have. (Like Elon, who just bought mf Twitter and took it private because of this trait.)

A lack of patience is why some bozos on Money Twitter (usually the ones slanging scams and calling it a business) build a massive following only to lose it in a snap of a finger.

A lack of patience is why some people who have the grit to build an empire call it quits too early and find themselves in a mediocre 9-5 they hate.

And a lack of patience can stop all your craziest dreams from happening.

But hear me once and drill it into your bones:

Slowly is the fastest way to accomplish something.

Not making the amount of money you want in your business?

Keep grinding on the right tasks, and it’s inevitable it’ll come.

Not making as much impact in others’ lives as you’d like?

Keep sharing your message with the right people, and it’s inevitable it’ll come.

Don’t have enough freedom in your life to do whatever you want whenever you’d like?

Keep working on your skills, your offer, and your audience, and it’s inevitable it’ll come.

Such is the power of patience.

It magnetizes money, women, infamy, or anything else you want like honey does bees.

Understand this and prosper.

Alright, let’s get down to business:

If you need help crafting villainous, impactful, and profitable emails—to the tune of mayhap making more money from email alone this year than your entire business did a coupla years ago, which is the case for one of my clients—book a call.

If you have a proven offer and a list, we can throw kerosene on your offer and take our wealth to heights most people never see in their life.

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