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schoolgirl Twitter drama

The Twitter timeline took some massive L’s yesterday.

(at the time of me writing this… you might not read it until months after it happened. But that doesn’t matter for this drama-filled schoolgirl situation because the lessons embedded inside it are timeless.)

Okay, so what happened?

Well, one user with a @ name something like “xannysandtrannys” (aka tranny) attacked another dude Luke Alexander.

Luke has this biz where he helps 18 year olds build up their sales skills, find a job, etc. And tranny called him out for scamming mfs.

I’ve never heard of either of these dudes (besides an occasional tweet or two on the timeline) before this “beef” happened.

Here’s what happened:

Out of nowhere, tranny wrote a thread calling Luke’s sales biz a scam. His thread contained some 30 odd tweets (give or take… I didn’t read the whole thing). And it got a good chunk of likes, retweets, and engagement. I’m willing to bet it made it absolutely nil in deniros though, which is a lesson in itself.

Then, the two blokes hosted a Twitter space to squash their beef. Or argue like little schoolgirls, whatever you fancy.

And to be honest…

It was one of the most embarrassing moments for “Money Twitter” I can remember. It might not have been as bad as some other stories I’ve shared… but it upped the ante in embarrassment.

Here’s why:

When I listened to their space, this tranny dude had the absolute worst critiques of a program or course I’ve ever heard:

* He said how hard it is to make $10-$30k a month in high ticket sales.

Okay, while that might be true… some of Luke’s students have made that. So…?

* Tranny seemed to project his lack of success with sales onto Luke (even though he never went through his course).

When Luke asked him about previous jobs… tranny said he made $50k in 2021. Okay, that’s better than a lot of people. But he went on to say that he made $400k during his best sales month back in 2020.

Calling BS on that one lmao…

I don’t know if anyone ever made $400k in one month, then, less than a year later, took a job for $50k. Even if he meant he made the company he worked for $400k, and got a conservative royalty of 5%, that’s still $20k in one month — or almost half of what he got at his job. Sumtin doesn't add up.

The rest of tranny’s argument was based around the fact that Luke didn’t guarantee anyone’s success. And how Luke’s students could only get refunded if they went through the modules in his course.

Okay, so what’s the lesson here?

There are many and many-a.

1. Don’t pick fights with people when you can’t back your shit up.

Simple enough, eh? Yes, simple. But not easy apparently. And if you are gonna pick a fight, have a valid reason. Yeesh.

2. Luke handled the hate in a good way.

He decided to host a Twitter space with tranny and genuinely wanted to know why he had his beef. He confronted it head on, and came out looking like the sane one. I had no dog in this fight… and went in open-minded. Luke stomped this tranny dude.

3. Stay away from mfs who scream rEfUnD!

I suspect this is what this tranny dude is like. And he would’ve requested a refund ASAP if he actually bought Luke’s course.

You can give some customers the world, and it still won’t be enough. The earlier you catch on to their shady tactics, the less time you waste trying to appease them.

4. Nothing is guaranteed in life.

The lamest thing this tranny dude said was about how they didn’t guarantee their students success. No shit Sherlock — only *you* are responsible for *you*

This is why I say things like “only reply if you have a proven offer and list.” I can’t help you if you don't. There’s a good chance I can if you do, but still, nothing is guaranteed.

5. There’s a bunch of losers on Twitter.

I know I talk about “Money Twitter” like this magical place. While there is a certain magic to it, and you can learn a ton and connect with awesome mfs… There are complete and utter losers.

6. You’re either distracted by schoolgirl drama like you’re in high school (literally) or you’re making money.

One of my favorite follows (and the only person I recommend you follow in this ordeal) is Shane Hunter (@LordAbrasivism).

Here’s Shane’s tweet:


you could keep listening to these losers drop "nuggets" of shit wisdom on spaces & threads, intermingled with drama - or you could get TF to work on learning how to fulfill on your business promises & how to get high paying clients on demand.

you're not gonna do both.



Couldn’t have said it better. While Twitter was going wackadoo with the high school drama, I didn’t even realize it was going on. I caught up on the space convo while I showered… and wrote 90% of this email on a hydro massage bed.

(By the way… isn’t wackadoo the fkn coolest word ever? I gotta start using it more…)

And one last point:

While Luke handled it well, he could’ve handled it better.


By trolling him even harder.

I would’ve thrown together a “xanny & tranny sale” — bc this weirdo blessed him with an odd and controversial username.

For the next 3-4 days, over the weekend, you can take 31% off his course. Then I would’ve promoted it hard. Email multiple times per day. And squeeze as much juice outta this tranny lemon as possible.

I would’ve used every “weakness” this tranny dude complained about and used it as a way to make sales.

Basically turn tranny into an unpaid intern while you laugh your way to the bank.

Alas, I’m not Luke.

Nor am I interested in spending any more time on this “beef.”

If you want to turn your email list into hardcore, die hard fans who buy everything you promote with email (without lifting a finger to type), book a call.

If you have a proven offer and list, we’ll ignore Twitter drama together while we laugh our arses to the Brinks truck.

No offer or list? Send me a client referral. And I’ll send you 50% commission. (Talk about high ticket sales!)

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