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Picture this:

You’ve been debating whether or not you should outsource your email marketing strategy for weeks. You’ve heard horror stories about shytty freelancers and agencies promising you the world, but being unable to deliver. You can’t afford to lose an investment, especially because some of the freelancers and agencies you know charge a pretty penny for their services.

But still… the thought of having your email strategy work without your involvement intrigues you.

This thought haunts you multiple times per week. Because while your emails used to bring in moolah, they don’t anymore. What’s worse is that you never know what to write about… and the declining open rates, click rates, and revenue per email make you procrastinate.

A few weeks slip by, and you haven’t written any more emails. Business is falling, and you think back to an email I wrote, mayhap even this particular email…

Here’s the thing:

One of my clients was in a similar position himself a few years ago. Business was in a bad spot. His email strategy wasn’t even bringing in $10k in revenue per month. And he even gasped at my prices when I mentioned them to him on the phone.

Well, fast forward to today, er, to sometime last week:

When I was in his Klaviyo account, I decided to adjust the Klaviyo timeframe to 6 months (the most you can go back with Klaviyo’s mediocre custom timeframe feature…).

And I looked at one automation in particular, which just so happens to be one of the first automations I build for new clients (because it can make the biggest “dent” in fixing your email strategy).

The sequence?

It’s a welcome series—something that sends out automatically to new leads each and every time they fill out a form on your site.

The results?

Well, my welcome series I wrote for this client brought in $64,853.42 over the last 6 months.

Do some quick maths, and the annual revenue this series brings in is around $129,706.84.

For some context, before I started working with this client, his total email strategy across the entire year didn’t bring in more than $120k per year. But now? Now, one welcome series (which is a sliver of the overall email strategy) brings in $129,706.84 per year.

Now imagine that you bit the bullet, paid my outrageous fees, and…

Within 6 months, your email strategy is finally bringing in revenue again. It’s increasing every month. And it may account for 20-40% of your entire monthly revenue.

Within 12 months, it’s obvious that your email strategy is your #1 marketing medium. It consistently brings in 40-60% of your monthly revenue. And what’s more, is that you’ve noticed you’re actually becoming somewhat of a celebrity to your list.

Within 18 months, you can’t even imagine yourself or your business from 18 months prior. Not only is your business reaching heights that you never thought possible, but you actually have time for your family again. The “D word” that was a subject of many arguments with your spouse hasn’t been mentioned in months. You go on date nights every week, and don’t even have to look at the bill because your business makes so much money. The frustrating credit card debt that used to keep you up at night hasn’t been in issue in months either—and you’re actually spending more each month than those debts used to be.

That’s the “benefit” of working with a professional like yours truly.

In fact, this is almost the exact trajectory one of my clients went through—from gasping at my high prices to paying off all his debts.

From a business that was barely staying afloat… to becoming a 7-figure brand where 60% of the annual revenue generated comes from email and email alone.

From working 18 hours a day… to only working when absolutely necessary because he was able to hire staff to minimize most of his busy work.

And you know what?

You’re only one reply, and a few months away, from this being “your” story.

So, hit reply today. Like right now, today. And after a quick call to make sure we’re a good fit, we’ll hit the ground running so that in 6, 12, or 18 months, your life looks completely different.


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