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rubbin shoulders with The Creature from Jekyll Island

Around a decade ago, when I was a lost college student that had no clue what I wanted to do in life (I first majored in music technology, if’n that gives you any insight into just how lost I was), weird subjects, like Austrian economics for example, engrossed me.

But before I dove into the world of Austrian economics, I read a cult classic:

The Creature from Jekyll Island, which is a book about why the Federal Reserve is evil.

Well, just the other day, I kinda got to rub shoulders with the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, Ed Griffin.

Now, I didn’t rub shoulders with him, per se. But my client did, which works well enough for me.

Here’s what happened:

About a year back, my client introduced a new supplement into his store. This supplement’s “claim to fame” is that it’s responsible for saving the lives of Chernobyl survivors because it detoxes foreign toxins and substances from your body.

Well, the founder of the company who sells this product has a relationship with the aforementioned Ed Griffin. And since he loved the emails I wrote about his products, he introduced my client and Ed (since I work as an email ghostwriter for my clients).

And my client interviewed Ed Griffin on a recent podcast episode.

Pretty cool, if’n you ask me.

I don’t know many email copywriters who can boast about their clients getting to meet living legends (Ed’s 92 btw) because of the email copy they wrote.

And yet, here we are.


The founder of the aforementioned company also created two similar products to the one that saved Chernobyl survivors’ lives. They have their slight nuances, but they also have overlapping benefits.

Well, that guy just won two awards for these two new products he created.

And you know what?

I wrote another email about him winning these awards for my client.

Since he’s on our email list, he also saw these emails, loved them, and I’m willing to bet he’s gonna be more likely to introduce my client to other interesting people.

Not to mention… This guy, who’s friends with Ed Griffin, said he loved my writing style.

While it’s true that I babble on and on about the importance of your emails generating revenue, I’d much prefer my clients making new connections with important people than worry about the difference between a 30% and 40% open rate.

And you should too… which brings me to the point:

If you want to grow your revenue via email, or perhaps even more important, land new connections with legit living legends because of your email, well, then I mayhap may be the only email copywriter on the planet who can help you create those connections.



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