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prodbyzacc da 🐐 no 🧢

For the older folks on this list lemme explain the subject line before I get into the story:

Da 🐐 = the greatest of all time

No 🧢 = no lie

Alright, now that we covered that, walk with me…

At the time of writing this email (which is admittedly much sooner than you’re probably reading it), Kanye West has gone wild on Instagram.

He’s knee-high in his beef with “skete” (aka Pete Davidson) because he stole Kanye’s girl. And he’s been in a wild “publish-then-delete” phase with his Instagram posts to promote his Donda 2 album (and try to win Kim K back or something).


There’s been one fella who’s taken full advantage of Kanye’s hectic Instagram:


Apparently, this fella is a producer and rapper. And he comments under every. single. post. Kanye makes on the Instagram with:

“Kanye da 🐐 no 🧢 “

He does this to an obnoxious level. He always leaves his comment within the first couple minutes of Kanye posting it. And then he posts a bunch of other, similar comments — so if you’d click on a Kanye post and read the comments, he dominates what you see.

There’s a lot of lessons you can learn from this fella.

While he comes off as obnoxious and annoying, his “strategy” kinda works.

Right now, he has 52.1k Instagram followers. (I don’t know how many he had before he started doing this, but it’s safe to assume he had way fewer followers.)

Kanye himself even follows him.

And recently, Anthony Fantano, the self-proclaimed “internet’s busiest music nerd,” reviewed some of his songs on YouTube.

Plus, he’s landed himself some haters for his obnoxious consistency. (Which can be a good thing if’n you know how to leverage it.)

Now, maybe this guy goes about self-promotion in a hacky way. But his results speak for themselves. He’s one of the 7,239 people Kanye follows, for example. He’s attracted the attention of the most popular music critic on YouTube. And I’d imagine his songs get many more views than they did before he started doing this.

And it made me think about emails:

This is what happens when you consistently send emails.

Yes, you might get some haters and unsubscribes. But you also make more loot — which trumps an unsubscribe 7 days a week and twice on Sunday.

Also, he highlights the importance of self-promotion. Nobody’s gonna be a bigger supporter of you than you.

Yes, he could probably be less corny about it. And I don’t recommend doing his schtick for sending emails.

But you can learn many-a-lesson from this hustler—both good and bad.

If you want to build this level of impact (without being obnoxious or annoying) in your business with your emails, book a call here. If you have a proven offer, we just might be able to work together.

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