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parte dos este dia: more moolah w fewer clients

Yesterday, I sent one of me shortest emails ever.

‘Twas an obvious—and true—piece of advice:

If you want to make more moolah with fewer clients, you must charge more.

Now, in my experience, many entrepreneurs fear the idea of raising their prices. They think it will cause their clients and customers to leave them for a cheaper alternative. There is some risk of that, but it’s overblown. And you’ll still make more moolah even counting a few of the flaky mfs who cancel your services because of it.

So, exiling that fear is priority number one.

Once you’ve gotten rid of it, you’re ready for the 5-part make more moolah with fewer clients recipe.

At the start of this year, I had one big goal in mind:

I wanted my highest paying customer to become my lowest paying customer.

While I’m not quite there yet—it doesn’t help my case that I charge (and offer) him more than I did when I wrote this in a yellow legal pad—this goal has helped me tighten up every aspect of my business.

The result?

I make more money. And have fewer clients to deal with.


So how did I do it?

First, I updated my offer.

When I first started freelancing, I’d say yes to any client willing to give me some cheddar.

But this created a nightmare.

I’d go from working on social media posts to emails to product descriptions. I also worked across a variety of different industries, which made me have to start at “zero” every time I worked on another project.

Not to mention, handling clients—especially low-paying clients who get off on wasting your time in unproductive meetings—became another 9 to 5 in and of itself.

Over the course of three years, I weeded these lower paying clients out, replacing them with higher paying ones.

Second, I tightened up my sales process.

I use a two-call sales system in most cases now. In the past, I used a one-call sales system, which didn’t convert as well.

Third, I created better systems:

Lead gen systems, sales systems, copywriting systems, the list goes on.

Each of these systems allows me to be more productive and make more moolah for my clients.

In fact, one of the copywriting systems I created gives me an obvious upsell to offer to clients, which helps me charge them more (and makes them happy I’m charging more).

Fourth, I generated better results for my clients.

This gave me more confidence on sales calls. Better testimonials and case studies I can use to persuade prospective clients to shell out large chunks of change to my bank account.

And you need to be able to back up the value of your fees. It’s hard to charge someone, say, $1,000 if you only drive $100 of value to their business.

And last, I provided more value to my clients.

I care about each of my clients the same. But I go out of my way more for my highest paying clients. I respond to their emails first. I overdeliver for them more, on average, than the typical client.

I consult them more on any kind of business decision they make.

The result?

They get a better overall experience from working with me.


Apply this to your biz and prosper.

And if you wanna make more money from your emails and unlock more freedom in your personal life, book a call here, and let’s chat.


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