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oops, I fvck’d up

Coupla weeks ago, I made a boneheaded mistake.

Here’s what happ’n’d:

I wrote a bunch of emails for a few particular promos for my client.

And in the P.S. of one email, I left the [tease next promo] note intact.


But y’know what?

It didn’t really matter.

Here’s why:

1. Both promos still generated a fat chunk of change. (About $34k in rev give or take)

In fact, leaving that note in the email might’ve been a better “tease” than what I would've cooked up. For no other reason than it seems more mysterious.

2. My client didn’t care.

Yes, he asked me about it. And yes, I apologized. But that was it.

Once upon a time, back when I was still “green” to this game, I would’ve had a mini panic attack.

Now I realize how the mind blows situations outta proportion.

3. Email is the most forgiving medium.

This blunder would’ve been more of a problem if, say, we were running paid dollars behind it. But email is all but free — minus the software costs, my “outlandish” fees, and the time that goes into it.

4. Nobody’s perfect.

And everyone makes mistakes.

Moving forward, I just need to double check emails before I hit “send.”

Easy peasy.

And this last point is by far the most important and most applicable to anything you do:

5. Mistakes > Perfection

It’s more profitable sending a mistake-laden email than working on it for days on end trying to make it perfect.

Moolah is attracted to speed. And being a perfectionist is like driving into a crater-sized pothole that gives you at least two flat tires.


If you need help from an email copywriter who admittedly isn’t perfect, but makes the cash register sing nonetheless, book a call here.

If you have a proven offer and a list, the sooner we start the better.

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