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Okay, I lied

Several times in these emails, I’ve alluded to some of the worst email mistakes you can make.

Like not sending enough emails.

Being worried about unsubscribes.

Littering your copy with “shoulds.”

Relying on discounts too often.

The list goes on and on.

But I lied if I ever made it seem like these are the BIGGEST email mistakes you can make.

Because today I’m sharing something that is even more lethal… even more deadly… and may even go against the grain to what I typically advise.


Years back, one of my clients discovered a new and upcoming business: Groove. It was marketed as a cheaper version of Clickfunnels—and it lived up to those expectations (especially the “cheap” ones).

We decided to give it a try, and realized it was so cheap because it made Clickfunnels look like an incredible piece of software (and Clickfunnels is littered with glitches and a poor UX). And we decided to give up on using it, sticking with our current software stack of Facebook Ads, killer emails, and a Wordpress page (vs a full funnel).


This email ain’t about Groove. It’s about Groove’s founder, one Mike Filsaime.

When my client and I realized that Groove wasn’t what we cracked it up to be, I unsubscribed from Mike’s daily newsletter. The newsletter wasn’t particularly good. And his software sucked. No reason to stay.

So, as I do whenever I decide to unsubscribe, I hit the unsubscribe link in the bottom of the email.

“Good riddance!” I thought to myself.

But Mikey Boy had different plans for me.

Y’see, the next day after unsubscribing, I received another email. And another. And another. And another. And another.

I unsubscribed every time.

Never did he once honor my unsubscribe. Still. To this day.

I have YEARS of emails from this mf AFTER unsubscribing.

Nothing I’ve tried worked:

Unsubscribing didn’t work.

Sending an angry reply that I’ve unsubscribed at least 100 times and you’re still sending me emails didn’t work.

Ignoring the emails didn’t work (but they did start landing in spam more often, which is good, because these emails are spam).

Moral of the story?

THIS is the worst email mistake you can make.

The obvious ethical reasons aside, the unwillingness to LET me unsubscribe makes me never wanna support this con artist or any of his products ever. I hope this email inspires you to avoid Mike Filsaime like the plague too.

And if you need help that are so good that people beg for you NOT to unsubscribe them (as happened with one of my clients and his list… and is in every single way the complete opposite of what this jabroni Mike Filsaime has done with his email list…), book a call here and let’s chat.


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