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new Keurig, who dis?

Yesterday, I shared how Chris Orzy booked it 5 hours and 54 minutes from his crib in NJ to my house in Ohio to break my Keurig in the middle of the night.

Now, he didn’t do this for malicious reasons.

He did it to teach me a lesson…

The lesson?

No, it wasn’t so I’d drink more raw milk.

Or water.

Or so I’d slonk down raw eggs.

As silly—and mayhap corny—as it sounds, here’s the lesson good ol’ Orzy tried to teach me:

Any problem or obstacle can morph into an opportunity with the right mindset.

Yesterday, I went to Target and upgraded my Keurig immediately after writing yesterday’s email. I could’ve moped around, went to Starbucks, or got down on my luck.

Instead, I went to Target. Set up my new fancy Keurig. And got to work.

And yanno what?

My coffee tastes better now.

Of course, this is the silliest of lessons.

Silly, but true.

Apply this to any other area of your life and you will prosper.

For example:

Lose a client? It’s okay, now you have more room to take on a better, higher paying client.

Launch bombed? It’s okay, now you have a deeper understanding of what your market wants.

Have your worst month in business? It’s okay, nothing will make you laser focused quite like anger.

Lose your girl? It’s okay, now you can find a better one.

Chris Orzy snuck into your house in the middle of the night and broke your old Keurig? Well, now you can buy another one and enjoy tastier coffee.

So on and so forth.

One simple way to turn an obstacle into an opportunity is by hitting reply.

Mayhap your biz ain’t making as much as it could. Mayhap your old email copywriter left you high and dry. Mayhap you’re making a good chunk of change but have no freedom to enjoy your newfound moolah with.

I’m your upgrade for each of those problems.

So, book a call here, and let’s see what happens.


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