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My gig was a smashing success

It’s been a few days since I’ve written an email or have done any type of copy work.


Lemme explain, and mayhap you’ll get something outta this email:

The past couple of months have been both difficult and rewarding:

My business has seen one of its best months ever.

I got back into playing music—and played my first live gig in 5+ years this past weekend.

Both good things, yes. But my freedom evaporated.

This has been my schedule for the past couple of months:

I wake up early and bang out one of these emails. Then, I immediately start a long day of client work. Much longer than I’m used to.

When I finished my work for the day, I took an hour or so break to eat dinner and relax. Then, I had to go back into my office, plug in my bass guitar into my amp, and practice for my gig for a couple hours.

This meant I’d get done with my day at around 9 or 10 pm (and I usually like to be done between 4-6 pm).

Last week was even rougher:

The band didn’t practice much together in the months and weeks leading up to our gig. (It didn’t matter too much, we’re all professional musicians and crushed the show.)

But this meant we had to squeeze in three 4-hour long practices the week of the gig.

So, I’d finish my work by 6 or 7 pm, scarf down a quick dinner Peanut meal prepped for me, then drive to band practice, where I wouldn’t leave until 10 pm—at the earliest. Many nights I didn’t leave until past 11 pm.

Long story short:

This was a difficult “season” of my life.

Rewarding, yes.

But difficult and time-consuming too.

Just 6 months ago, I hadn’t played my bass in any meaningful way in 5+ years, so I had a lot more practicing to do, compared to my band mates, just to get all the rust off my groovy basslines.

Anyway, moral of the story?

You’re gonna go through different seasons of your life. Some seasons you have to put your cajones to the wall and just grind. Other seasons, you’re gonna be able to relax and enjoy your freedom.

You need both to succeed.

And you know what?

Having someone like—cough, cough, yours truly—manning your email ship, so your seasons of life don’t interrupt your business, growth, or freedom is priceless.

Wanna find out if’n we’re a good fit to work together, so you can grow and grow and grow no matter what life events attack you?


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