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lemme brag for a sec…

Full disclosure:

I have a jam-slammed day ahead of me. And so, I figured why don’t I use this opportunity to put sum respeck on me neck.

In one of my client’s Klaviyo accounts, I adjusted the time period filter, from June 13, 2023 until November 8th, 2023. That’s 148 days for those counting, which isn’t even a full six months.

In that time…

I’ve generated a total of $612,258.62 in revenue from my email efforts.

Let’s break this down a bit more…

The welcome series has generated 61,603.94 by itself in that time.

The VIP sequence I recently built (and have been talking about quite a bit since rolling it out), clocks in at 171,258.27. Best part? This series only goes out to a few grand people total. And the actual number is a bit higher because I’ve started sending out the best emails in these flows to the rest of our audience, but didn’t have the patience to add their rev numbers to this’n.

The rest of our flows, which includes automations like cart abandonment, browse abandonment, post-purchase (unique and general), customer win-back, sunsets, review and cross-sales, and a few more has brought in an additional 78,448.61 in this timeframe.

That brings our total from our flows alone to a whopping 311,310.82. These are automations that once set up, bring in passive revenue automatically each and every month like clockwork.

And this is only half the story… literally:

Because the campaigns we’ve sent in the past 148 days have pulled the second half of the revenue weight. The campaigns have generated an extra 300,947.80 which goes to prove that brands who only rely on flows and automations ain’t doing it right.

In fact, they could be leaving HALF of their potential revenue on the shelves, getting covered with dust and cobwebs.

When it comes to percentages, our flows generated 50.85% of our email revenue, while our campaigns generated 49.15%.

(This is the biggest change in this client’s account and one of the primary reasons for my creation of the VIP sequences. Before introducing them, we relied far too heavily on campaigns. Now, I love campaigns. They’re the true VIPs of an email marketing strategy and empower everything else. But the balance used to be 70/30 to 80/20 in favor of campaigns. That is, until my VIP sequence came in like Thanos himself and restored balance…)

Anywho, there ain’t much to “learn” from this email. And that’s okay because I squeezed in a few chunks of knowledge straight from the school of hard knocks.

Need someone like Muah manning your email marketing ship and delivering you to the lands of generated 66.78% of your revenue from email alone?

Hit reply, and let’s set up a quick call.


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