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Lead has no “desire” to make more money

This is your competition…

My main client attraction method is using cold email to reach out to successful ecom companies who could use more profitable emails.

As such, I send out a lot of cold emails. And I tend to get funny replies, like this one, where I reached out offering to make them more money through email.

The response I got?



Thanks so much for reaching out - we are truly honored by your interest in working with us.

Unfortunately, we/I don't have the bandwidth/desire/need to explore this opportunity at this time. I understand that getting this message might not feel good, but I hope you can respect the boundaries I'm placing on my time.

I truly wish you a positive, productive, and pleasurable day.


Uhhhh, ma’am?

Do you realize that I will take a job that’s consuming—from what it seems like from my outsider’s perspective—most of your time? Not only that, but I’d help you make way more money from your emails (not sure why you have no desire to, well, make more money and work less, especially when it seems like you’re working far too hard for far too little pay as it currently stands).

Also, the weird projection piece of this reply, the “ understand that getting this message might not feel good, but I hope you can respect the boundaries I'm placing on my time.” part, struck me as, well, weird.

The best way to put “boundaries on your time” as she calls it, is to outsource a marketing channel you know nothing about to a copywriter like me who has…

* Generated well over $3 million dollars for my clients (and it’s probably higher)

* Have created multiple 6-figure product launches, using nothing other than email

* Helped at least one of my client get out of credit card debt (and frankly, saved his business from bankruptcy because when we started working together he couldn’t figure out how to get mfs to buy)

Not to mention…

I run a business where rejection is the name of the game. Getting rejected doesn’t offend me or hurt my feelings. In fact, I’m reaching the tippy top of my client capacity anyway. To that end, I’m glad she rejected me.

(I wouldn’t wanna work with someone with this faux positivity thing she got going on either… Seems like a sociopathic red flag to me.)

But I will say this:

I got a good, hearty chuckle out of her email reply.

On to bidness:

I am climbing closer to the top of my client capacity mountain. Meaning, your time may be running out to work with me — without first hopping on a waiting list.

If you’d like to get in before the waitlist comes, book a call here, and we’ll set up a call to make sure partnering makes sense.


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