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just call me Woppenheimer from now on, okay?

Peanut and I trekked to Pittsburgh last night to watch Oppenheimer in the way Christopher Nolan intended:


(We did not see Barbie, but the meme-fueled double feature advertising both of these films did is worth some study…)

I’ll try not to spoil too much of the movie in this email, but if you’re planning on seeing it and haven’t seen it yet, then feel free to skip over this email—and I’ll meet you back here tomorrow.

For those of you with the cajones to stick around, well, let’s carry on.

J. Robert Oppenheimer is one of the few actually important people in history. Most of us are self-important—even goats like Ben Settle or LeBron James. But very few people in history become as important as Oppenheimer did, giving the world the power to end life as we know it.

But Oppenheimer’s success didn’t come without its hardships:

His communist ties from his early life came back to haunt him—even long after he created the atomic bomb (and the US government dropped it).

He battled a wicked form of PTSD after learning that the US government dropped two bombs on Japan.

And, it wasn’t until the near end of his life (well, at least in Nolan’s version of events) that he finally got the respect he deserved from a government who hired him to create this literal weapon of mass destruction then threw him out to the wolves as soon as they possibly could.

(Quick side note: Nolan used no CGI in this movie, and the explosion of the atomic bomb is just an absolutely incredible piece of art.)

And you know what?

It made me think…

I wouldn’t much like to be Oppenheimer.

Sure, he accomplished his life’s goal. But on the other side of this achievement was actually more suffering than he reckoned for. And, whether you believe he has blood on his hands or not, the truth is, the atomic bomb might’ve never existed if’n he didn’t dedicate his life to it—causing hundreds of thousands of deaths, and mayhap even sparking the end of the world as we know it.

That’s why I’d like you to call me Woppenheimer from now on.

Like Oppenheimer, I can have a similar impact with your email list. But unlike Oppenheimer, this won’t result in your email list dying a quick, but brutal death, but will instead flood your bank account with dollars, give you more time-freedom to spend with your loved ones, and help your audience see that your products and services are the easiest way to improve their life from whatever your products or services help with.

Hence the name: Woppenheimer (and s/o to Gucci Mane for releasing a song with that title, and giving me the idea).

So, if you need someone to drop atomic bomb after atomic bomb where these bombs actually improve one’s life rather than destroy it, hit reply, and let’s chat.

Obviously, a guy with the name Woppenheimer doesn’t come cheap… but you also can’t find no one better.

John “Woppenheimer” Brandt

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