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I have a confession…

I haven’t been to the gym in 5 and a half weeks.

I haven’t had this long of a break in my training program since covid forced all the gyms—besides one in New Jersey—to shut down.

But I dragged my lazy arse to the gym last night. And I can feel the lactic acid oozing through my system as I tap away at my keyboard.

So why did I skip the gym for damn near 6 weeks straight?

Well, I started skipping out on the gym a week and a half before my two-week vacation. Then, I went on said two-week vacation. There’s 3.5 weeks right there. (And don’t worry, I remained active while on vacation, walking 20,000+ steps a day. I just wasn’t gym active.)

When I returned home from my vacation, I drowned in meetings, which siphoned time out of my day. There’s another week — bringing us to 4.5.

And I’ve had a crazy schedule the past week, bringing us to a healthy 5.5 weeks.

Why am I boring you with this?


Routines are a crucial ingredient towards achieving your goals.

Since gyms reopened, I’ve gone to the gym at least 3x a week — and it’s more like 6x a week.


I had a routine.

This is my 160th daily email in a row.


I have a routine.

I consistently get all my client work done and still have time to spend time with Peanut, read, and play the occasional video game. I even jammed with my old bandmate last week.


I have a routine.

And I’m gonna stay consistent with going to the gym now that I’m “back.”


Because, well, I’m creating a routine.

Goals are funny:

They either overwhelm you or empower you.

They overwhelm you when you don’t have a routine of things you can control which take you closer to achieving them. They empower you when you have said routines.

And you know what?

Sometimes you have to break your routine to remember the importance of it.

Anyway, it’ll be fun to watch my strength come back at a rapid speed — as it did when I started lifting again after the lockdowns.

You know what else would be fun to watch at a breakneck speed?

Your bank account tick up and up and up because you hit reply, and we started working on your email strategy together.


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