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How to make more moolah by sending to less people

Turns out, I lied. 

Last week, I sent you an email that showed two emails I recently sent, and how the emails with a smaller open and click rates made more moolah. 


I sent that email shortly after sending the second email out—the one that had more opens and more clicks, but made less revenue. 

Well, after checking the stats for the email this morning, that second email wound up generating $4,000 more than the first email. 

All in all, both emails generated a total of $25,898.54. 

(Best part being that these weren’t the only two emails I sent for this promo.) 

But if you remember my email from last week, then you’ll know the reason why email #1 had half the amount of opens as email #2 is because it was one of the few emails I sent to our entire list. 

The second email, which has since made more money than the first, went to a much more targeted (and smaller) segment. 

But it still generated more revenue… How? 

The answer is quite simple: 

I’ve been working with this particular client for over 4 years. Over the past 4 years, we’ve wracked up a lot of “good will” from our customers by sending to them consistently with my “soft sale” approach - which lets you “get away” with selling in every email without pissing anyone off. 

And in particular, when I looked into our “Best People” metric in Klaviyo, I found some interesting insights… 

Like how our best customer spent $79k. And our second best customer spent $34k, which is still an absurd amount, but is also more than half of the moolah our best customer spent. 

Y’see, when I send to these small segments (where the special VIP sequence is the best example, where 6-8 emails generally generate at least $20k) I’m focusing mostly on these “hyper customers” who spend as much as $79k. 

And you know what? 

I can help you do the same in your business. 

It won’t happen overnight because it can’t. But with some time, love, and care, we can turn even your most hesitant buyers into “hyper customers” who are eager to spend $79k themselves on your business. 

The sooner you hit reply, the sooner we can get started. 


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