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How to *legally* pay less taxes

This ain’t legal advice, it’s business advice. 

But if you’re like me—I’m writing this on New Year’s Eve—and the bane of your entrepreneurial existence is forking over your hard-earned money to Uncle Sam, then, well, I got a nifty way to lower your tax bill next year. 

The secret? 

Well, first you need to reply to this email, so we can hop on a quick call to make sure we’re a good fit to work together. 


If’n we are a good fit, we’ll partner together. And over the course of the following year, if you’re anything like my handful of other clients—and I’m assuming you will be if we’re a good fit, i.e. you have a proven offer and an email list—then you’ll make much more from your business than you did this year. It could be twice, thrice, quadrice, or heck, even much higher than the revenue you made this year. 

This, inevitably, raises your taxes. Even when you factor in my “outrageous” fees because, well, I generate an even more absurd positive ROI.

But you know what? 

If towards the end of the year, we’re still happy together, then you can lower your tax bill by paying me in advance. 

A client of mine recently did this to lower his tax bill too. And I’m pretty sure he got the advice from his accountant. 

Again, this ain’t legal advice. I’m not a lawyer (because I’m a good person), nor do I play one on TV.

So, obviously, make sure you can do this in your given state. Every state is different, and it wouldn’t surprise ol’ El John-o if the liberal states don’t cotton much to this idea. 


If you wanna lower your tax bill (even as you make more money next year as you did this year), it starts with hitting reply. 

And we’ll take it from there. 

Happy mf New Year. 

Make 2024 your best year yet by hitting reply. 

Talk next year (lolz), 

El John-o

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