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How to guarantee failure when starting your business

I made the mistake of logging into Facebook this morning. Lucky for you though because I suffered for you.

Here’s what I saw:

Some chick I went to highschool with posted a status on Facebook bragging about the LLC she just registered. She’s starting some kind of cleaning service. But she committed a fatal mistake that I see many young wantrepreneurs making—myself included when I was a younger and dumber version of myself.

That mistake?

Doing everything *but* talking to your market and trying to make sales.

She’s registered an LLC before cleaning her first house. Now, I don’t know too much about the cleaning industry, so maybe having an LLC is important to protect you from lawsuits if’n you break something.

In her status, she also mentioned how she still has to buy business cards and make a logo.

Poor girl. She doesn’t even realize that she’s building her business back-asswards.

And I mention her story to warn you about this if’n you wanna start your business one day.

You don’t need:

* An LLC

* A logo

* Business cards

* A website

* A Facebook business page

* Pens with your logo on it

* Facebook statuses bragging about how you have any of the above list

These things are distractions. Sure, they’re nice to have eventually. But they aren’t needed to start and grow a successful business.

For example:

I don’t have an LLC (maybe I should, but I don’t). I don’t have a logo (unless you count the JB favicon I use on my site). The only business cards I have are from an old job I had—I use them as bookmarks. I don’t have a Facebook business page. Or pens. And I certainly don’t brag about this stuff on my Facebook.

You know what I do have?

The thing that helps me support my living-indoors, eating out frequently, and traveling habits?

I have a skill people need. I have a way to reach people I want to work with. I have an offer they can’t resist. And I generate my clients insane amounts of cashola which makes them want to stick around with me for years.

That, my friend, is the secret to starting and growing your own business.

You don’t need anything else.

In fact, when I first started reaching out to prospects via cold email back in 2019, I didn’t even have a website.


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