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how copywriting can save the world (yes, I fkn mean that)

Copywriting and by extension, marketing, is a power not to take lightly.


Not only does it have the power to save the world, but I also have proof that it can save the world.

Today, I’m gonna show you a quick conversation that happened between a client of mine and his guest he had on his podcast that proves copy can save our world.

But first, some backstory:

This guest has a soil bidness—and he’s created a unique soil product that has the ability to double the yield a soil generates for a quarter of the cost.

(It ain’t sexy, but it makes the world, the food supply, and the food chain itself go round, not dissimilar to certain copywriting lessons and secrets I’ve shared with you in these emails.)

Not only can his soil solution double a yield for farmers at a quarter of a cost, but it’s also leagues healthier than using fertilizers, pesticides, heavy machinery, etc.

There’s only one small problem with this guy’s business and his soil solution, which can literally prevent the extinction of the human race.

Seems like a bold claim, yeah? Here’s why it’s not…

As our food security slides further and further into an endless pit of processed junk and chemicals galore, it is possible that the extinction of the human race happens the same way people go broke (and I first heard this quip from Michael Malice, but not sure where he got it from):

It happens gradually at first. Then suddenly.

And so it is with the entire human species.

Anyway, the problem?

Nobody knows about his business.

Y’see, his business ain’t just for farmers (even though they need his soil solution most).

It’s also for laypeople:

His soil solution can turn the most barren, desert, wasteland dirt into healthy and prosperous soil faster than you can “extinction.”

The benefit for farmers is obvious: Healthier food that yields more and costs less to produce means more money in their coffers.

In fact, a smaller winery based in Arizona (which, if you haven’t been to Arizona, it’s not exactly a safe haven for vegetation) he works with has done just that: Increasing their yields while lowering their costs, and making their business more profitable as a result.

But nobody knows his soil solution exists. (And it doesn’t help that the government and its layers of lobbyists would stand to lose a shyt ton of money if’n his soil product hits the mainstream.)

I teased you with a section of the transcript from the interview my client had with him to prove to you that copy can save the world.

So without further ado…


GUEST: Yeah. We can do it. We just have to be able to.. if you don’t know that a certain product exists, then you don’t have the opportunity to buy it.


GUEST: Right. So you need to know that that substance, that product, that material, that service or whatever, you got to know that it exists. And that requires marketing.


Here’s why I’m sharing this with you today:

If’n you ever get discouraged over the impact your copy has, remember this email. Remember this short transcript. And remember you have the power to, quite literally, save the world with your fingertips.

Or for my business owners out there…

Lemme put on my Austrian Economics hat for a quick second:

All businesses exist to improve someone’s life.

Otherwise, they’d go belly up faster than this soil solution can turn your barren dirt into healthy soil.

And you never know whose life you're improving.

Sure, we build avatars for our ideal clients. Sure, we receive glowing testimonials about how we’ve impacted someone’s life.

But you never truly know who’s on the other end of your products or services.

Mayhap it’s someone who leads a revolution… who has a soil solution that can guarantee we don’t run out of healthy, nutrient-dense food… who donates to charity because you helped them improve their finances, and that charity they donated to has a major breakthrough with medicine and disease… who loses a few pounds and is able to become a better parent as a result…

The list goes on.


Without a copywriter (or at least a marketer) who understands this stuff on a deeper level than a college education could ever hope to pass down, your impact is futile.

That’s the importance of copy.

Now, of course, this power of copy can also work in the opposite direction. Which is why you must vet everyone who wants to work with you (as I do as well).

But the point remains:

Yes, good email copy can improve your revenue.

Yes, good email copy can free you from your business (without sabotaging said revenue).

And yes, good email copy can improve your customers’ lives faster.

But the real power of good copy (email or otherwise)?

It can save the entire world from destruction (and in this specific case, mass starvation because the nutrients in our food are at criminally low levels).

Stick this into your pipe today, and smoke on it.

Then when you’re ready to stop playing on “Surviving Mode,” and wanna start playing on “Thriving Mode,” book a call here.

And we’ll do our damndest to save this very Earth we walk on.


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