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Here’s a cool offer I saw recently

Got a quick, and hopefully impactful anecdote for you today.

In the world of online business and internet marketing, you live and die by your offer. Good offers can land mediocre businessmen onto the latest Forbes fluff piece. Bad offers can bankrupt even the most intelligent and disciplined business owner.

So, today I’ma tell you about a cool offer I saw from a fellow copywriter, one Laura Belgray.

If you’re unfamiliar Laura runs a copy business, and she just recently launched a book called Tough Titties: On Living Your Best Life When You're the F-Ing Worst.

Full disclosure:

I didn’t buy the book nor have any idea what it sold. But that’s not the point of today’s email. Instead, my point is to give you an opportunity to think about your offers in a different manner.

Laura sent a bunch of emails leading up to the launch of this book. (It hasn’t even launched yet, at the time I’m writing this. The official launch date is June 12th…)

(Lesson in there)

But one email in particular caught my eye…

Subject line?

Wanna come to my Tough Titties party in NYC? [quick action required]

(Howzdat for intrigue?)

Inside said email, she described how to get a free invite to this cocktail party the day before her launch to celebrate Tough Titties.

So, how do you get a free invite?

All you have to do is be one of the next 4 people to buy 30 copies of said book, which you can resell or gift to others however you see fit.

Not only did it have urgency and scarcity, but the bonus comes with a massive dose of fun:

A cocktail party in NYC where you can “rub shoulders” with other copywriters and business owners who are fans of Laura’s.

The book retails for $28, but if you purchase in bulk, like you have to do to get invited to this banger, then the total cost of 30 books totals to just $512.40.

Not too shabby.

(I’ve spent more on dinners with Peanut… cocktails can get expensive, especially when you get multiple appetizers.)

Moral of the story?

Most people will have a book launch where they will maybe book some time at a few Barnes and Nobles for a meet and greet. Many such cases of this happening and not a-single person showing up (which is quite the ego bruise).

Yet Laura accomplishes a couple of “hidden” benefits from this offer:

* She sells more pre-orders than she otherwise would, which will bump her up higher in the bestselling rankings on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

* She gets powerful “intel” on who her most loyal and dedicated customers are, which is worth its weight in gold

* She gets to have fun and throw a boujee party, where she gets to meet said loyal and dedicated customers (as well as any potential affiliates for her book)

And the list goes on.

Not just because she published a book with a “hope and prayers” marketing strategy. But because she put a kick-ass offer behind the publishing of her book.

Many such lessons embedded in this email for those of you wise enough to spot them.


Already have a kick-ass offer you wanna pour jet fuel on? Or need help tweaking your current offers to unlock a massive surge of untapped revenue in your business?


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