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Hating your customers and calling it a business

As I’ve played more of the Spider-Man 2 game for the PS5 (hold your gasps, yes, I play the occasional video game, and yes, I enjoy it), I’ve come across the worst missions I mayhap have ever played in a video game: 

The dreaded MJ missions. 

(Slight spoilers ahead) 

What are these MJ missions?

Well, you know MJ, right? Peter Parker’s (aka Spidey’s) main fling. Well, in this video game’s version of events, MJ works as a struggling reporter… and for some ungodly reason, tries her best to be a hero. 

And so, in the MJ missions, you play as MJ (not Spider-Man) equipped with nothing but a stun gun. For some background, the main villain of the video game is one Kraven the Hunter and his band of hunters. 

These hunters are real bad dudes. They hunt life for sport, killing anyone in their path to their target. 

Well, except MJ because for some reason, her stun gun (and her stun gun alone) is enough to incapacitate these professional killers. 

After playing an MJ mission, which as you can imagine, is a million times more boring than being able to play as the actual hero, you know, Spider-Man, I did a quick Google search to see if I was alone in my hatred for these MJ missions. 

Reddit did not disappoint. 

Almost everyone (besides a handful of SJWs) hate these missions. In fact, many Redditors believed that the MJ missions alone should disqualify Spider-Man 2 from “game of the year” awards. And I agree. Because why wouldn’t you hate these missions? Instead of playing as a hero, you have to play as, checks notes, the hero’s side chick!i!

The worst part? 

Right on cue, I saw an interview with the creator of Spider-Man 2. 

And you know what he said? 

He knew that when he was creating the MJ missions that the fans would hate them. But he added them anyway, because he wanted to get across his well-thought out pandering that “anyone with a (stun) gun” can be a hero. 

Talk about an insult to your customers! 

Now, I’m not one who believes the lame excuse that “the customer is always right.” In fact, I’m more cotton to the idea that the customer is always wrong, rather than right. 

But not in this case. 

Moral of the story? 

If you hate your audience as much as this Spider-Man 2 nerd hates his audience, mayhap it’s time to pick a different career or a different niche. 

One “law” I abide by is always being on Team Client. And this is an egregious example of what happens when you’d rather pander to non-fans than to your paying customers. 

Many such cases of this happening in the world of comic books, comic book movies, and comic book video games. 

Which is one of the main reasons guys like Eric July and his Rippaverse series of comic books generated over $1 million for disgruntled comic book fans before even releasing the first installment in the comic book series. 

There’s lots of money to be had if you simply respect, value, and even love your customers—instead of openly hating them. 


If you need someone who will respect, value, and even love your customers to the point where they feel like they have to buy everything you promote, hit reply, and let’s chat. 


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