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German-speaking Austrian copywriter praises your humble narrator

Check out this fantastic review a subscriber sent in about my book:


Hi John,


I love it, I read it 2 times, wrote my own summary and did all the excercises.

So much incredible info in there and I really like your writing style. Cant believe you are giving it away for free... Thanks!!

I want to become a copywriter (living in Austria, speaking German) and I am looking for ways to get there and learn the skills. Could you recommend any valuble books with exercises like yours or youtube channels? There is so much info out there on the internet, just watching everything will eat up too much time and leave me with too many question marks...

Thanks a lot!


Good on him! Mesuspects he’ll be much further ahead than folks who haven’t read my book multiple times.

(You read my book multiple times, haven’t you?)

As for his question?

Here’s how I answered it:


I don't know any other books or YT channels off the top of my head.

But I'll say this:

Experience trumps practice. Try to get experience as soon as possible, it will give you a head start. (From time to time, I promote copy gigs. It's rare, but does happen.)

Also, google the Ben Franklin writing exercise. Then, pick a successful ad and do that exercise. It will help more than probably any other exercise.

Other than that? Read my emails every day (I'm biased, lol) and other ads/emails in general.


If you’re a young, up-and-coming copywriter like our Austrian friend here?

Do as I command and your coffers will be prosperous.

If you’re a business owner trying to figure out copy to improve your sales?


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