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escape from the dentist waiting room purgatory

I had a dentist appointment today. Nothing special, just a routine 6-month check up for me pearly whites.

I walk into the offices annnnnd

There’s no record of this appointment.

Weird because...

...I’m 100% certain I had an appointment today. I created a calendar event for it. I checked my last receipt before coming here, which gave me info on my next appointment. And I’ve been scheduling meetings with clients around this dentist appointment all week.

Yet, no record of this appointment when I walked into the room.

Now I’m sitting in the waiting room, wearing a mask (even though we beat covid??), and wondering how much of my day this faux dentist appointment will eat up.

Reminds me of my “general experience” lesson from yesterday’s email.

This ain’t a good general experience.

And all I can do is sit and hope it doesn’t impact my day too much.

Moral of the story?

Don’t be like this dentist office if’n you want long-term success in business.

Have an appointment? Stick to it.

Promise a client something? Deliver it by the deadline. Better yet… before the deadline.

Stuck in a situation you can’t control because someone else messed up? Figure out a way to turn that into sales, like this here email. Remember: nothing bad happens to email copywriters.

Alright, gonna reply to some emails as I’m sitting in the dentist room purgatory.

Wanna boost your sales by 30% (or more)? Book a call if you have a proven offer and decent sized list.

No offer or list?

Join my email list and I’ll send you a fat commission check for any referral you send me

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