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A stupid-easy way to add more value to your current client

Few minutes ago, I received a Slack message from my client with a simple question: 

“Do you mind if I pay you in advance for 2024? I’m trying to reduce my taxes.” 

My response? 


The only thing I love more than my disdain for taxes is proving myself a worthy copywriter in the eyes of my clients. 

To peel back the curtain a bit… 

Most of my clients are set up on a monthly retainer. Which means, each month I log into Square and send them an invoice for the month’s worth of work. While most clients pay on time and pay every month, there’s always the risk—and to be clear this is my Imposter Syndrome talking, and yes, even professionals like me suffer from Imposter Syndrome from time to time—that they don’t want to renew my services. 

So not only is this a way to get paid more at once and offer my clients more value by saving them on their tax bill, but it also gives me more structure as a freelancer whose income can vary pretty wildly from month to month. 

And you know what? 

Some of your current clients might wanna do this as well. Plus, if your clients offer any service-based business, I’m pretty sure their customers can write it off on their taxes too. Now, I’m not a financial advisor, a tax strategist, or a lawyer, so don’t take my word for this. But I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. 

Anyway, if you’d like to save on your taxes too… and if you need an email copywriter to help you make as much as 60% of your monthly revenue from email… and if you ain’t scared to pay yours truly a lump sum for my future work, hit reply, and let’s chat. 

Of course, if for some reason you enjoy paying taxes, we can also work out a monthly retainer like normal. It won’t be cheap—nothing worth anything is cheap anyway—but it’ll be cheaper than my tax saving package. 


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