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2 "sinple" ways to boost your productivity

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

2 pm rolls around, and suddenly the coffee don’t hit like it used to hit.

You have a million tabs open on your screen, all inviting you to a world of opportunity and work, but you just can’t seem to pick one.

The longer you stare at your screen, the more strained your eyes feel. A light headache may even be coming on. And as time passes, you realize what a lazy sack of shyt you’re being.

This is a phenomenon which happens to all of us desk workers.

Blue light ain’t good, and several consecutive hours of blue light is even worse.

It seeps into your brain, infects your creativity, and tanks your productivity.

What do you do? Especially if you have a heavy workload?

Well, I’m gonna give you two simple ways to break out of this “blue light-induced coma.”

Ready for ‘em?

#1 - Bust out your pen and pad, and get to writing.

One of the ways to counteract what I’ve set up above sounds too simple to work, but work it does.

Now, I’m not fully up on the science behind the “blue light-induced coma.” I just know what it feels like, and how to break out of it. Mayhap science will agree with me. Mayhap not. That’s not the important part today.

The important part is shutting down your computuer, whipping out your pen aand pad, and begin writing.

You can write about anything:

Your to-do list.

Your thoughts and feelings.

Different angles for email ideas.

The list goes on.

What you write isn’t as important as writing itself. And once you do this for a good 20 minutes, you’ll feel a refreshing wave of productivity.

Try it next time and see.

Moving on…

#2 - Go for a walk around your block.

Another simple hack here that works better than you’d think just reading this.

Something about the real ball of fire in the sky makes you blue-light induced troubles fade to the background where they can no longer haunt your productivity.

Again, you don’t have to walk a marathon here… A simple 20 minute walk will do.

Besides the sun, your sweat glands start to open up, allowing the blue light to escape your body.

The result?

By the time you sit back down at your desk, you’ll be ready to conquer the rest of your day.


One of the things this blue light phenomenon feasts on is this:

When you’re racking your brain for hours trying to figure out a compelling angle or write the right words that will take someone off the fence and invite them into your “world.”

The longer you “constrict” your brain muscles trying to force creativity, the fewer ideas your brain generates.

That’s the bad news.

The good news?

Hiring a professional email copywriter and strategist turns this problem into a big, slim nothing burger.

Plus, you also unlock the opportunity cost of not fretting over emails, angles, and copy, which, if that isn’t your strength, will unlock mayhap several extra hours every week like clockwork.

Wanna see how effective outsourcing your email strategy can be? Not just for your productivity, but for your revenue as well?

Hit reply, and let’s chat.


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